Casino Comparison

Comparing Online Casinos to Land Casinos

casino comparison

Online Casinos are compared to land casinos and the results posted here prove that playing at online casinos is more profitable.


You might be new to online casinos or you might play regularly at your favorite land casinos. Though playing at land casinos has its advantages, online casinos gives you better chances to win:


  1. Land casinos cannot guarantee you optimal betting conditions. The casino might be crowded and you might not have enough place at the playing tables. In addition, other casino players might make you nervous or poker might not be available because all the tables might be taken. Any one of these situations will reduce your odds and you will find it very hard to win. In comparison, from home you decide and set your own betting environment when you play at online casinos.


  1. If you are suffering from an initial losing streak and have reached the amount you had decided to bet with, it will be difficult to leave the land casino after having just got there. You dressed elegantly and drove all the way – this will compel you to stay on even more and you will lose more money. But at home at online casinos – all you have to do is to exit the computer program and turn off your personal computer.


  1. Playing at land casinos is strenuous and the pace is very fast. Often you don’t have the time to think to reach rational decisions. But in contrast, at home you have a lot of time and you can glance at your playing chart at your online casinos before deciding to place your bet.


  1. Online casinos are always open while land casinos have specific gaming hours.


  1. You will have to dress up and then drive to reach land casinos. While you are there you will surely spend some cash on refreshments. All these cost money. At home you save on all these extra expenses and thus gain more gambling money.


  1. Online casinos offer better odds to win than land casinos because their machines are generally much looser than those belonging to land casinos. For instance, slot machines at online casinos have an average payout of 96% compared to 94% of land casinos.


  1. Online casinos generally offer you free gambling money to just come and play. Some casinos will even offer you money without having to deposit any. The more money you have, the more you improve your chances of winning.


  1. Land casinos will give you free drinks. Is this really a good thing? Are you sure you want to be drunk or high while you are playing with your money? Better stay at home and play sober.


  1. At online casinos you can play for free for as however long you want before playing for money. Want to try a new game? Imagine the money you will lose just trying it out at land casinos? At online casinos you can try out new games or new gambling strategies from the comfort of your home and then play after that with real money.


  1. At online casinos you have a much larger choice of games and of casinos. And because you can play for free you can familiarize yourself with the nuances of a new game before gambling with real money.


  1. Online casino software generally comes with gambling tips, suggestions and strategies. You can research and study these and thus improve your game.


12.Depositing into online casinos is easy and quick. You can choose from numerous payment options like MasterCard and Visa and also e-cash options like FirePay, NETeller and other such options.


13. 24 hour Support. Online casinos usually offer toll-free telephonic support, as well as email support throughout the day and night. Thus whenever you play you can call and speak to support personnel.