Poker Guide

Books on Playing Poker Online

Improve the way you play poker online by picking up one of the mentioned books that focus on online poker.

Poker: A Winner’s Guide, by Andy Nelson

Poker for Beginners

This is the basic book for all poker beginners. Although its pages might sound like a Sesame Street lesson for a poker pro, a poker beginner will find it useful for becoming familiar with poker terminology and the poker world in general.

Poker Nation, by Andy Bellin

For Advanced Poker Players

This book portrays quite well the often-mystified world of underground poker. In fact, this book is not a poker manual but more of poker memoirs. It’s interesting to read some poker history, as well as get the hold of some poker tables. Therefore, it’s recommended for advanced poker players.

However, since the book is actually narrated as a personal experience, poker ceases to be the centre of the story, and the particular poker player takes all the attention. So, if you are looking for a book about poker, this is not exactly what you need, but if you want to have a good time reading good old poker stories, Poker Nation can be a very entertaining reading.

Poker Essays Vol 1; Poker Essays Vol 2; Poker Essays Vol 3, by Mason Malmuth

Poker Pros

The texts are taken from author’s writings in Poker Digest and other magazines. These poker essays are very interesting, because they help poker players be aware of aspects of their poker games that they even didn’t notice before. In this book, you won’t find the typical poker tips, we all know, but interesting approaches and suggestions to poker games. This book requires a deep knowledge of poker games and tactics, therefore, it’s recommended to very advanced poker players.

Theory of Poker, by David Sklansky

Poker Champs

When looking for books on poker theory, one has to refer to Sklansky. His mathematical approach to poker games can seem very cold at first. However, once one applies it to his poker hands, realizes how effective his poker calculations are. The author doesn’t give the clues for winning a fortune at a poker table, but for being a constant poker winner, which represents more winnings in the long run. This book, as the one before, are recommended for professional poker players.