Online Casino Craps

What is Craps?

Craps is a loud game. If you have ever been to a casino you should have noticed that craps table are usually crowded and players are booing and cheering together all the time. It happens because craps is one of few casino games where many players bet on the same outcome and therefore all expect the same thing to happen. Here, we explain the basics of craps and help novice players start playing the game.

Should You Play Craps?

This and a visually sophisticated betting structure of craps intimidates many new players. These players prefer playing other games because they believe they are easier to understand. Every game has it rules, the player should learn before approaching the table, and craps is not the most complicated one. It actually is a very simple game. The complicated betting structure it has is just a trap for suckers and nothing more. If you watch a couple of craps games you will notice that most of the players use only two or three bets and never touch the rest of the complex betting layout.

Tips for Beginners:

However, before placing any bets you should find a table where you want to play craps. For a novice player it is advisable to find the cheapest table available. Normally, in real casinos, craps tables start from 5 dollars, which is not too high for a game that is played in moderate pace. It is quite possible that these 5 dollar tables will be busier than the high stakes ones, and in crowded days, you may not find a free space near one of them. However, try and find the cheapest available table or come another day, when the casino will not be so crowded. If you succeed to find a place at a 5 dollars table, it is recommended to start you game there with 50-100 dollars in stakes.

Craps Tables:

Places at a craps table do not have seats. Players stand during the whole game. Each place at a craps table has a chip slot where players can place their chips. If you see one of these chip slots with no player in front of it, it means that the place is empty and you can step up to it and join the game.

Pass Line:

The betting area closest to the players is called Pass Line. If you are not sure where exactly the Pass Line area is, look for a bar indicated Pass Line. It is hard to miss it, because it is one of the largest betting areas on a craps table. Place your bet at this area and wait for the outcome.

Pass Line bet is one of the best bets among all casino games. Although the casino still profits from Pas Line bets, the percentage of its profit is so small that you can ignore it and play as if did not exist. The principle of Pas Line bet is as follows: on the first roll the shooter determines the point number. If this number is 7 or 11, you automatically win your bet. If this number is 2, 3 or 12, you lose. If it is any other number, the game continues until the shooter either rolls the same point number once again or rolls 7. In the first case you win, in the second you lose.

When you will play craps and will gain enough experience, you can try other bets, but you should remember that most of them are much worse than Pass Line.