Online Casino Rating

Rating Online Casinos

Read about the system we use to rate online casinos!

The GMB System of Rating Online Casinos is a system we developed to measure the overall quality of online casinos using a calculative mathematical system.

Ratings can be biased for two main reasons. Directories, owned by software companies and portals focusing on online casinos that develop and distribute gaming software, would naturally list online casinos that they sponsor and pay little or no attention to other online casinos. Another major reason that might bias such research is that private portals of online casinos might rate as per the amount of money they are paid. Neither do these check out the quality of the site nor do they rate non paying casinos.

This portal of online casinos works differently because we seek to uphold a higher standard of playing that will better cater to your needs. We do get royalties for the number of players and the traffic we relocate to online casinos, but we don’t allow this to compromise our directory of online casinos. We strictly abide by the following rules:

We rate online casinos only after they have been individually tested.

We rate online casinos based on a comprehensive checklist, which we have created. We check these casinos by considering all the relevant conditions before rating the sites.

I have listed two parameters of our rating system so that you can decide for yourself:


Standard Payment Speed:


More than 21 days – zero

Under 21 days – lowest score

Under 18 days – 4th highest score

Under 14 days – 3rd Third highest score

Under 10 days – 2nd Second highest score

Under 5 days – perfect Score

Phone support Availability:

No Phone support – zero

Not Toll Free (during hours) – lowest score

Toll Free (during hours) – 3rd highest score

24HR. Not Toll Free – 2nd Second highest score

24HR. Toll free – perfect score

We do not leave any room for excuses or interpretations. We rate online casinos according to these terms and don’t deviate from them.


In addition, we do award extra points to online casinos for parameters like sign-up bonuses, excellent customer service or creative themes. Likewise, we deduct points for parameters like navigational difficulties, impolite service and confusing information supplied by online casinos.


Hopefully, we helped you find good online casinos that will serve your needs and, in a way, helped create a thrilling gambling experience for you.