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The reputation of an online casino is extremely important for users. Of course, nobody wants to gamble at a casino online that has had problems with safety and payments. We, at Online Casinos 007, research all the different casino offers – bonuses, free spins, give-aways, customer support etc – in order for us to be able to present you with the best available deals on the market. In today’s article, we are going to show you the most lucrative offers presented on Jocuri Cazinouri, a Romanian platform that has made excellent deals with prestigious online casinos, like Netbet. We are sure you’ll be very excited and pleased with the picks!

You need not to worry, as Jocuri Cazinouri is an authorized Romanian casino online website, promoting only reliable and up-to-date offers from respectable establishments.

NetBet is one of the reputable online casinos that has been celebrated since its emergence in 2001 for its services. At NetBet you can find all your favorite games and a wide range of betting matches (including live) at very good odds. On Jocuri Cazinouri you will  find extra bonuses,which you help you play more and spend less from your own pocket.

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Only through Jocuri Cazinouri you will be able to benefit from a  special offer, which grants you 50 Free Spins with no deposit! If you are a big fan of slots, this is the offer for you! All you have to do to profit from this special online casino bonus is to open up an account on Netbet, insert the bonus code and start playing! We remind you that is is very important for you to read the terms and conditions for accepting the bonus – if you are a well informed player, you will make the best strategies that will help you win! This bonus is especially great if you did not want to risk any money. So keep this bonus in mind for some free gambling and remember: if you win a cash prize, it wil go to your casino online account.

If 50 free spins are not enough for you, try the Netbet exclusive bonus offer, that grants you 50 free spins and 100% more money if you make a first deposit up to 800 RON (around 200$). In order to receive this bonus, follow the same steps mentioned above in the previous offer.

Some of you enjoy the atmosphere a brick and mortar casino, and online casinos managed to create that environment with live casino. With live casino, you sit back at home (or wherever you have some quiet time and a good internet connection) and interact with an authentic dealer via webcam. The dealer will not be able to see the player, but you can see him or her and communicate with them via live chat. Live casino is an interesting experience if you like the feel of an authentic casino and desire a more lively and interactive game. Take your place at an exclusive table with a real live dealer and enjoy gambling with this offer: create a Netbet Live Casino account, make a deposit and play!

If you’re eager to start playing, have a look for yourself at the Netbet offers and pick your favorite! Take advantage now and you will not regret it. Make sure to check out often for even more exclusive offers and bonuses!


Smaller Casinos Are Better

Smaller Casinos Are Better

Discussion on whether big casinos are better than small ones in Philadelphia.

Center City District Director Paul Levy and Management professor Bernard Anderson raise the question about whether big casinos will be good for Philadelphia. Both Levy and Anderson are members of the board of the Philadelphia Gaming Advisory Taskforce. The Taskforce was created by Philadelphia Mayor John Street with the aim of giving advice about the casino development in the city. On Tuesday, Levy and Anderson tried to explain their point of view regarding this matter in front of Philadelphia residents and around twenty students.

The discussion began with Levy trying to explain Philadelphia’s gambling context. He pointed out at the recent approval by the Pennsylvania government of slots-only facilities (two of which will be located in Philadelphia), which will host around 5.000 slot machines. He compared the offer of one of these establishments with the Foxwoods Resort Casino, which is the largest casino complex in the world, and which has 7.400 slot machines. Levy said that those slots-only establishments do not suit the city, because the state law is based in tax-revenue maximization. The share from the casinos that the state collects is used to reduce the wage tax in Philadelphia and property taxes in Pennsylvania. Levy thinks that smaller slot venues integrated as a part of other downtown entertainment establishments would be better. These establishments would be located in a specific entertainment area and unlike casinos they would not disturb anyone. Everyone wants casinos, he said, but no one wants them near their home. Levy proposed having a hotel with 500 slots as a smart strategy for Center City.

A Philadelphia resident who lives near the proposed casino site, Hilary Langer, said that she agreed with Levy and would not like to see cars flooding in her neighborhood every day heading to the casino. She said that it would be better to have gaming facilities integrated in downtown entertainment establishments.

Levy also said that having slots-only facilities will not help to increase tourism, for the majority of users would be locals. His point of view was supported by a study carried out but a consulting firm. The survey reported that only 5,5 percent of visitors would stay overnight, meaning that most of clients would be local residents.

Anderson focused on the economic impact of gambling in the state. He pointed out at the potential jobs that would be created and the positive influence on local restaurants or bars. He said that casinos have played a very important role in Philadelphia’s economy throughout many years and their influence on the states welfare is clear.